Since 2018 Wheels by R.T. has hosted a toy drive and Christmas party each year for Easterseal's Teen Family Support. This organization has done amazing things for the young mothers in our community by providing them with a strong support system along with a safe place for them to grow as a woman and mother. After finding this program in 2018, we knew that this was something we wanted to be a part of. The past two years we have been able to provide the mothers, fathers and children with gifts, a Christmas dinner and a cheerful night to celebrate the holiday. 
Without the help of other local businesses and community members, this night would not be what it is and we cannot thank them enough for their continued support. The Easterseal's Toy Drive has now been looked at as a tradition for those who have donated from the start and we hope you would like to join this great event and make this a tradition for yourself too. 

This is such as cheerful time of the year for all of those involved and being able to see the community come together is such a wonderful and magical feeling. Make sure to keep an eye out for our toy drive or please enter your information below for a reminder about this event along with other things we are doing in the community!


Click the logo below to learn more about the amazing Teen Family Support program at  Easterseals.

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." 

- Coretta Scott King